Co-founders of The Tutu Project™, Bob, and Linda Carey, have been living for 15 years with Linda’s stage IV breast cancer. High deductibles and incidental costs of the disease have given them firsthand knowledge of the need for financial assistance. Having the ability to pay for transportation to a doctor’s appointment, lymphedema garments, even house cleaning when Linda was too ill from chemotherapy, gave them strong incentive to create a non-profit and raise funds to assist others with these and other cancer-related costs.

Living with a breast cancer diagnosis is a challenge in itself. Adding financial worries to the mix can disrupt the healing process. It is a stress that Bob and I have lived with, and continue to do so, which strengthens our resolve to help others in a similar situation.

With this work in mind, The Carey’s are overjoyed to announce that their foundation, The Tutu Project (of the Carey Foundation) is the first recipient of The Selma Schimmel Vital Grant, which is given by Vital Options International (VOI) and healtheo360. They will oversee the disbursement of the $5,000 donation, funding small grants which will help cover the cost of groceries and gas to chemotherapy for breast cancer patients and their families.

About healtheo360 and Vital Options

healtheo360 is a “Caring Community” where patients living with chronic conditions, such as Diabetes, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and many others come to find support, encouragement, and information.

Watch healtheo360’s interview with Bob and Linda Carey about receiving the Selma Schimmel Vital Grant

Vital Options International (VOI) is a nonprofit cancer communication, education, and advocacy organization with a special mission: Generating global cancer conversations. They created the Selma Shimmel Vital Grant in honor of their founder. Selma courageously fought breast cancer at the young age of 28, and after making her recovery, she continued to fight and give a voice to the many patients battling cancer.

Read the press release about VOI’s Selma Schimmel Vital Grant announcement

The Tutu Project of The Carey Foundation looks forward to helping those in need. Contact Linda Carey for more information.  Proof of diagnosis will be requested for breast cancer patients interested in applying for a grant.  You may also contact us by joining our Facebook group and sending a direct message.  We respond within 24 hours.

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