Laughter and Hope

When you hear that you have breast cancer, it can feel like your entire world has gone upside down, and you feel lost and unsure of the future.

Coping with cancer is not an easy task, and sometimes the mental challenges can feel as difficult as the physical ones. But there are many ways to manage and ease your stress. Coping skills are invaluable tools in navigating the journey of having breast cancer, and one of them is laughing.

Laughter Therapy

Laughter therapy is the process of using humor and comedy as therapeutic tools. This type of therapy is helpful to those suffering from serious illnesses, whether mentally or physically. Laughter therapy doesn’t just lift your spirits but also can be valuable in moments of stress or anxiety. The best part is there are no negative side effects!

Some people may have reservations about laughter therapy, and that’s understandable; it’s hard to find humor in breast cancer. However, you don’t have to direct your laughter towards your illness. In fact, it could serve as a great distraction.

Here are some ways to get involved in laughter therapy:

Join a laughter therapy group. If you’re already part of a support group, laughter therapy can be a great group experience. Making other people in our life laugh can be an instant mood and confidence boost. If you’re not yet in a group, this can be the perfect opportunity to join one and share laughter with those in a similar situation as you.

Set aside time to enjoy humorous activities. Some activities in laugh therapy may include reading books with an entertaining plot, watching movies, or having funny conversations. Sometimes, humor is a personal experience, so you will know the best way to make yourself laugh.

Try laughter yoga. The use of laughing exercises and breathing techniques from yoga practices can help relax you and put you in a positive state. While it may seem silly at first, there are only positive benefits, so there’s no reason not to give it a go!

Just laugh! Studies show that the simple act of smiling or laughing can lead your mind to perceive and think positively. You don’t need positive emotions to make this happen. Just start smiling, and you might just find yourself feeling better.

Find Breast Cancer Inspiration through Comedy

Comedy and general good humor can be a surprising source of inspiration for those going through a difficult time in their lives.

Comedians like Tig Notaro combine humor with their experiences to create breast cancer inspiration. Taking a more comedic approach to a serious topic can help those with similar situations achieve a positive mindset.

Whether you are on the receiving end or are writing your jokes, you can still benefit from comedy. Why not translate your personal experiences with creativity?

Laugh and Be Hopeful

Many people believe that laughter is the best medicine; laughing can reduce stress and improve your mood.

This mindset will also lead you to consistently see the good things in life, which is invaluable when fighting breast cancer. Keep your head up and your smile shining bright with laughter therapy.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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