October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and we have a great idea to comfort and show your support to immunocompromised friends from a distance.

One of our community members needed an idea about how to support her friend with breast cancer, and we really think you’ll like this idea. How about stopping by your friend’s house and waving from outside with the help of a pink tutu?

Socially Distant Support for Breast Cancer Patients

First, you must own a pink tutu. Then grab this googly eyed PDF and head over to the home of the person you would like to cheer. Don’t forget to bring about 6 nails and a hammer! Find a tree in their yard to decorate, and as you can see, this simple idea generates an immediate smile! Can you imagine your friend’s face when you send them a live Instagram or picture from their own back or front yard?

Protecting your Friend’s Privacy is Important!

Our only reminder is that it’s important to mind people’s privacy. Their backyard might be the way to go if their neighbors don’t know your friend has breast cancer. Coordinate this with a close family member to make sure this idea makes sense for their particular situation. Privacy is always more important than being funny! ? Please send along pictures if you treat your friend and hashtag them #dare2tutu so that we can share your amazing act of kindness!

We’ll be sending more ideas throughout the month, and are looking for ideas from our community. Join us on Facebook and Instagram to comment and share more ideas with our team! And please, always remember to donate. Our community needs support now more than ever.

Do you have children? Invite them to join you!  This is sure to entertain and teach them the importance of caring for others.

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