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What’s so big about 2-2 (October 22nd)?

On 2-2, we will post a #Dare2Tutu image every 30 minutes on Twitter and Instagram.  We hope you’ll be among the images we share with those that need a little extra pick-me-up as they go through their breast cancer journey.

Join us! 

Participants from all over the world are “dared” to snap pictures rocking their own tutus, post the photo to social media with the hashtag #Dare2Tutu, and donate to the cause if possible.

Every dollar makes a difference!  Donate

Together, we can raise much needed funding for women and men with breast cancer, while bringing “some levity to the realities of life with breast cancer,” just as Bob does with his own photos.

Remember to Tweet, ReTweet, and Share our message.  With your support, we hope to hit our $50,000 fundraising goal by the end of October.  The campaign has already raised over $7,000 to date!!!

Deadline for tutu orders are to arrive on time is October 16th, so order yours today!

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