Our team is happy to announce that t-shirt are back, and we hope you are as excited as we are about wearing them proud! We have two designs available for a LIMITED TIME. The t-shirts showcase our traditional logo and “Ballerina Bob”, created and kindly donated to us by cartoonist Ze Nova.

These t-shirts will be on sale over the next 30 days and officially launch our “Road to October” campaign series. We are busy making plans for breast cancer awareness month, so stay tuned as we announce more products and other ways that you can help us fundraise. A percent of net proceeds from the sale of t-shirts will be donated to our breast cancer Non-Profit the Carey Foundation.

IMPORTANT: Shirts will be delivered about 10 working days after the campaign closes, and are fulfilled by a third party.


Why are T-shirts only available for a limited time? We do everything we can to keep operational costs down. By working with companies like Booster, we don’t have to pre-purchase the t-shirts and hold inventory. We use their 30-day campaign rule to sell our t-shirts and they provide all the fulfillment services.

Sorry but T-shirts are only available for shipping in the USA at this time.

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