#Tutu4Who Cancer Awareness Campaign!

The Tutu Project invites you to bring out your inner tutu and raise awareness for breast cancer year-round!   Join us in continuing to raise awareness for those fighting breast cancer by participating in the #tutu4who movement.



Take a photo in a tutu, or with The Tutu Project logo (Download: Tutu4Who) and share it with the hashtag #tutu4who #tutuproject along with a short message specifying the person in your life you tutu for (mom, dad, grandma, aunt Mary, Bob! Linda! etc.). Save it to your phone’s image roll and then upload to any of our social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) for everyone to see.  Remember, to use the hashtag #Tutu4Who!!!!


We will share our re-share favorites and make you tu-tu famous!  Help spread the word, and don’t forget to make a donation today!

The Tutu Project is a trademarked name and concept.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

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