A letter from our founder, Dr. Rebecca Timlin-Scalera:

“When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, I was told it had already spread to my bones and I was at Stage 4, metastatic breast cancer (mbc) with an average of just 3 years to live. Time stood still while I struggled to make sense of this gut-wrenching news. I remember going to bed that first night wracking my brain thinking of what I could do to save my life. I would do anything. I was 43. My kids were 7 and 10.

Weeks later, we experienced a miracle. My bone biopsy came back negative – there was no evidence of cancer in the bones. I was upgraded to Stage 3C, and told “Now we go for a cure.” Huh? What we were going for before?! Suddenly, instead of being devastated by having Stage 3C cancer, I was brought to my knees in tears of gratitude that it had not progressed to Stage 4. Thus began my education on the HUGE difference between early and late stage breast cancer, and the dire need for more funding for Stage 4, which is the basis of this foundation. I vowed then and there not to leave anyone with Stage…

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